POSTED ON Aug 27.2021

What is naked-eye 3D?


LED displays have been used for years. From commercial purposes to personal offices, LED displays are common. Especially in advertising, LED displays perform really well. However, all this time, 2D LED displays have been used around the world. 3D LED displays are the latest technology and naked-eye 3D display is one of its type

This new technology does not make it more appealing to the general public but also increases the brand value. Though it’s fairly new and has not yet become mainstream, it seems like it will outperform other LED and LCD technologies that have been used previously. In large scale displays, such as 3D LED video walls, advertising holograms or projection systems, 3D Led displays would certainly shift the paradigm of visual tech.


What is a naked-eye 3D LED display?

Naked-Eye 3D LED Display are three dimensional displays that do not require any glasses or extra equipment to view the 3D image. Viewers can see the three-dimensional image with their naked eyes without needing to wear glasses. Unlike Naked-Eye and Holograms, VR and AR need extra equipment as like to make mandalorian virtual set.

Naked-Eye 3D LED Display is designed with multi-view technology. Which means that a person can view the 3D image regardless of where he stands. As of now, some of the types of 3D LED Display are grating type, holographic projection type, cylindrical lens type, time-sharing multiplexing type, volume type, etc.

Parallax Barrier is one of the two types of technology used in Naked-Eye 3D LED Display. This type uses linear stripes which are distributed between light and black to control the direction to which the light travels. This causes the image to produce a parallax effect. The second type of Naked-Eye 3D LED Display technology is Lenticular lens. These displays use light refraction and focus of lenticular lenses to change the direction to which the light travels. These two technologies are best suited for small scale LED displays since the resolution is split and brightness is reduced.

How is Naked-eye 3D LED display different from other LED displays?

Naked-Eye 3D LED Display is quite different from conventional LED displays. Especially since conventional LEDs were 2D which is entirely different from 3D technology of Naked-Eye 3D LED Display. This is why, the major difference between the old versions of LED Displays and the latest 3D LED displays is 2D and 3D.

The older LEDs are flat surfaced. They are designed to run the 2D content. For this reason, even if the content is produced in 3D tech, it will still not produce a three dimensional effect on 2D LEDs. They are placed at a 90 degree angle to run the two dimensional content. The light is emitted in two dimensions only.

3D LEDs however are microwire LEDs. The light is emitted in three dimensions which causes the image to produce a three dimensional effect. These LEDs are not flat surfaced nor do they lie in 90 degree angle. The content produced for these displays is especially produced with three dimensional effect.

In simpler words, the content displayed is two different images designed to make our eyes align it as the same image. This makes our eyes view the content displayed on the screen view it as we view the world


Future of 3D LED Display

3D LEDs are slowly starting to become mainstream all over the world. Not only are 3D LEDs much more appealing to masses than 2D ones but also are amazing for building brands and for advertising. With 3D displays, it becomes easier for the public to connect with the content being screened on the LED. People are also more likely to get attracted and pay attention to it.

In the future, Naked-eye 3D LED technology can be used in combination with other 3D technologies to produce a unique effect. Investing in higher definition images and working with animators and artists to produce engaging 3D content would certainly boost up the 3D LED market.

It is unlikely that 3D LED displays won’t be mainstream in future. They’re more interactive than 2D Displays. However, due to the fact that demand is low right now as it’s not mainstream, small scale industries are not ready to invest in it. Yet the market for 3D LED displays appears very bright in the future as new technologies are introduced and demand is increased.



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